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Why is ExOzone® Superior?

ExOzone® SR-100 performance curve

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Tomorrow's disinfecting technology

  • Economical

    Negligible operating costs, as the disinfecting agent is produced from ambient air, at an extremely low usage of electricity.

  • Green

    Ozone dissipates to natural oxygen, leaving no toxic residues and having no harmful effect on the environment.

  • Unmatched

    As ozone is one of the most effective sterilizing agents, the high ozone output of  ExOzone® appliance   guarantees excellent performance.

  • Versatile


    ExOzone® appliances are powerful enough to ensure 100% sterilization of air and surfaces at an industrial scale, and as mobile units can be used anywhere conventional disinfection is infeasible.


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 We are a highly committed group of engineers and disinfection experts serving North America and Europe with high quality, industrial solutions.

If you are looking for a long-term partner in your safety and quality compliance needs or if you are just exploring the possibilities in sterilization, we are here to help you!

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