put us to the test

Take advantage of our tech team working with Hemp growers and processors in your area:

room & equipment disinfection test (400g+/hr o3):

  • Choose dates & times that work best for you and your team.

  • Put us to the test in disinfecting air & surfaces of designated rooms to desired standards.

  • Test how you can sterilise equipment and tools, or disinfect HVAC system with ExOzone®.

  • Make us show you how and why ExOzone® works better than any other solution out there.

post-harvest decontamination test:

  • Test how ExOzone® reduces yeast, mold, bacteria, pathogens or Aspergillus.

  • See how treatment eliminates powdery mildew, spider mites, and even pesticide residues.

  • Test at scale: treat 100 - 1000+ pounds of product at a time (buds & dry sift).

  • Test how ExOzone® treatment will not compromise cannabinoid profile and improves (!) terpenes*.

*Read scientific report “Ozone Improves the Aromatic Fingerprint of White Grapes” below in “Additional Resources” section.

the process

We provide this free test opportunity to demonstrate to prospective clients the unmatched efficacy of ExOzone® technology. The SR-100 mobile unit used in the tests produces 400+ g/hr ozone at 380 CFM from ambient air. This is at least 20 (!) times more than nearest competition (See table).

In addition to quick ATP tests, we offer to perform ISO 4833-2 compliant surface tests. This test paints a much more complex picture, identifying total plate count for all colony forming units (CFU), and shows the numerated presence of all potentially harmful microorganisms (bacteria, mould, mildew, fungi, viruses and pathogens). The test process is the following:

  • Regular cleaning is to be performed by client prior to testing (no disinfectant used)

  • Swab samples are taken from previously selected surfaces (person designated by client)

  • Disinfection is performed by OZONE PARTNER

  • Swab samples are taken from the same surfaces (person designated by client)

  • Swab samples are transported to designated laboratory for evaluation

time required

Time spent at the facility varies depending on the requirement as well as the number, size and condition of rooms, equipment and tools to be disinfected. Performing the treatment can take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours* per room. We can run 2 tests at a time. You can book us for off business hours, nights and weekends as well.

*Please note, testing takes a little longer than regular disinfection. Once the system is implemented, disinfection schedule will fit the needs of the client.

end result

Our team will develop site-specific plans to address prospective clients’ needs. Plan will contain recommended equipment configuration, contact times, coverage and concentrations based on general information about the facility (number of rooms, aggregate volume of all rooms, and the production schedule).

Our goal is to fully meet or exceed pre-set and mutually agreed upon targets. After a successful test, prospective client will be in position to make a favourable executive decision on the acquisition of ExOzone® appliances as the test results and accompanying support documentation will credibly and sufficiently demonstrate the following:

  • Log 3+ reductions in microorganisms

  • No harmful chemicals or residue present after disinfection

  • Implementation plan shows useful application areas

  • Proposed disinfection schedule is feasible and viable

  • Disinfection practices and procedures are compatible with regulations

  • Value added services, performance, running costs meet or exceed client expectations

  • Proposed price points and payment structure meets client’s expectations

additional resources


EPA+Clear copy.jpg

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Company # 93758, EPA Establishment # 93758-HUN-1

EPA Product # 93758-DIV-1, 93758-DIV-2, 93758-DIV-3, 93758-DIV04


U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Ozone has been given GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) approval by the FDA for direct contact with food products. 21CFR173.368.

Click here for references.

USDA (1).jpeg

U.S. Department of Agriculture

USDA final rule on ozone dated 12/17/2002, FSIS Directive 7120.1

Reference 21 CFR 173.368 - Ozone (CAS Reg. No. 10028-15-6) may be safely used in the treatment, storage, and processing of foods.


Certified Organic

Ozone can be used as an ingredient in or on organic foods meeting the National Organic Program requirements per §205.605. It is also approved as a surface sanitizer on contact surfaces for organic foods.

Click here for reference.


Food Directorate, Health Products and Food Branch

Ozone improves the microbiological safety of food products.