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Disinfecting challenges in the sector

  • Hard to disinfect spaces

    High traffic, occupied areas like infirmaries or waiting rooms are hard to be treated as often as they needed to be.

  • Limited variety of chemicals

    Only a small number of certified and approved chemicals are available for use in healthcare.

  • Small disinfection budget

    Most disinfecting solution costs are too high to assure continuous high levels of sterility.

  • Efficacy
    is priority No.1

    A universal disinfecting solution is needed to treat all the different spaces, furnishings or various surfaces and air.

Available technologies

When can ExOzone® help you?

  • Disinfecting Large Spaces

  • Mitigating Risks of HAI

  • Sanitary Maintenance

  • Sterilizing OR, ER and Trauma

Why choose ExOzone®?

  • Gaseous dry application, no residue

  • No cost disinfecting agent

  • Negligible

     operation cost

  • Large scale,


  • Chemical free, green technology

Disinfecting process with ExOzone®


Site Preparation

Seal and secure the premise, set the right environment (temperature and humidity). Assure a dedicated 15A circuit. Deploy the ExOzone® unit and safety ozone meters. Follow Ozone Partner HSE guidlines and protocols.


Select Treatment Program 

Select and customize treatment programs to achieve the desiered objective. Tailormake treatment combination of ozone gas and negative ion disinfection through the computerized control unit.



During treatment, the ExOzone® unit evenly transforms Oxygen molecules in the ambient air into Ozone gas at low electricity usage and carries out the pharmaceutical-grade disinfection. The built-in negative ion technology will assure 100% dissipation of ozone gas, as well as purifying the air.


After Treatment

After the treatment there will be no hazardous residues in the treated room or on surfaces. No downtime or additional work is needed before re-enter of treated rooms. For your safety, use ozone-meters and arrange swab-tests of surfaces (before and after treatment) to measure level of satisfaction.

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