core capability

The patented ExOzone® technology operates on the principle of limited flashover, high-frequency Cold Charge Emission with Changed Auxiliary Electrode - EXCOCEM©. This procedure is capable of producing super-high concentrations of ozone gas (250ppm+) using only ambient air. Absolutely no use of any chemicals, consumables or water, it only needs 0.35kVA / Hr. electricity.

At 25ppm, ozone gas is bactericidal. Above 50ppm, it can sterilize at pharmaceutical grade. The built-in high capacity fan distributes the created ozone gas at 350-5800 CFM flow rate, making it ideal for industrial use up to 300,000 SQF premises.

A built in Negative Ion Generator (NIG®) fills the air with negative charge after ozone treatment, making sure all ozone molecules are broken down and distinct scent of oxidation is eliminated.

All ExOzone® appliances are computer controlled, mobile and “plug-and-play” systems.

ExOzone® appliances disinfect, others only conceal odors.

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