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Discover how ExOzone® can help you!

Disinfecting challenges in the sector

  • Limited variety of chemicals

    There is a shortlist of suitable disinfecting agents, that can be used in such places.

  • Time is money

    In many cases, disinfection is impractical because of the narrow time frames.

  • Efficiency is No. 1

    Due to the usage of places, furnishings, and various surfaces, a universal disinfecting solution is needed.

Available technologies

When can ExOzone® help you?

  • Prohibition of chemicals

  • Pandemic outbreak

  • Sanitary maintenance

  • Sterile space continuation

Why choose ExOzone®?

Disinfecting process with ExOzone®

  • Disinfection with dry gas

  • Free disinfecting agent

  • Low operation cost

  • Big scale,


  • Chemical free, green technology


Preparation of the Premises

Seal and secure the premises where the disinfection will be carried out. Deploy the ExOzone® unit and sensors, if necessary. Follow the security protocol that is developed by the professionals.


Treatment Program Selection

Use customizable treatment programs to achieve the desired objective. With the programmable control unit, a fully personalized treatment combination of ozone and negative ion technology is available.



During the rteatment, the ExOzone® unit transforms the Oxygen in the ambient air into Ozone with a low eletricity consumption and carries out the pharma grade disinfection. The negative ion tech can be utilized to achieve shorter waiting time,


After Treatment

After the tratment there will be no hazardous substance remains in the treated room, but as a precaution we suggest the use of safety ozone sensors. Before handing over the premise to usage no after cleaning of any kind needed. To ensure the desired objective was achieved we suggest to take samples for measurements.

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