Standard and license

By which standard did the efficiency of our equipment be measured?

BSI EN 17272:2020


Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics

Methods of airborne room disinfection by automated process

Determination of bactericidal, mycobactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal, virucidal and phagocidal activities

The test methods described are designed to determine the disinfectant activity of processes used in the 1) medical area, 2) veterinary area, 3) food, industrial, domestic and institutional area using automated processes for distributing chemicals by air diffusion with no operator manually applying the disinfectant.

The objective of the described processes is to disinfect the surfaces of the overall area including the external surfaces of the equipment contained in such rooms. 

This document is applicable to processes for which activity is claimed against the following groups of microorganisms: vegetative bacteria, mycobacteria, bacterial spores, yeasts, fungal spores, viruses, bacteriophages.

By which results did the efficiency of our equipment be approved?

Measured by the National Public Health Centre and testing the effectiveness of airborne surface disinfection. Target: determination of bactericidal and fungicidal effects. 

According to the test results the National Public Health Centre has approved and licensed the ExOzone technology under the license number 3593-6/2021/JIF.