Switching your disinfection practices to ExOzone® Technology is an easy, straightforward process. Our technicians will coordinate closely with your team to safely and seamlessly integrate the new methods into your ongoing production.

We work successfully with several global organizations because we understand and recognize their need for a non-intrusive, safe, compliant and highly efficient field operation that revolves around their schedule.

Let us understand your needs and your environment, and we will help choose the right equipment configuration and provide you with the most effective disinfection plans and schedules for your operation.


Our team will develop a site-specific plans to address your needs, based on general information about your facility (number of rooms to be treated, aggregate volume of all rooms, products that you offer and your production schedule (Note: remediation is possible in rooms that are empty for at least 3-4 hours). Our application specialists will also design & oversee installation to optimize contact times, coverage and concentration.


1.  Orientation understanding needs

  1. Information package to prospective client

  2. 15 min. Skype conference & consultation

  3. Site/op specific information gathering from client

2.  Site inspection understanding the environment

  1. Team orientation with designated POCs and stakeholders

  2. Facility evaluation, collecting site specific information and data (virtual or physical)

  3. Follow up communication

3.  Preparations setting the right goals

  1. Discussing goals and success criteria

  2. Agree on objectives, adjust and finalizing the plan & schedule, provide initial quote

  3. 15 minute Skype conference & consultation before scheduled trial run (optional)

4.  Testing – shooting for set targets

  1. On site orientation with appointed POCs (ops team, safety & QA personnel)

  2. Safety orientation & site preparation

  3. Conducting tests & trial run for set goals

5.  Evaluation – reading the results

  1. Present the results in writing

  2. 30 - 60 min Skype or in-person conference to discuss findings

  3. Make final recommendations for implementation in writing and provide final quote

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