Our appliances produce high quantity ozone from the ambient air and utilize its outstanding sterilizing and oxidizing effect.

The treatment carried out with ExOzone® has unmatched efficiency and extremely low electricity usage due to the aforesaid characteristics of ozone and the applied technology. ExOzone® provides a chemical free and  environmentally friendly solution, because the ozone transforms back to oxygen after the treatment and leaves no harmful residues, so it does not have any kind of harmful effect on the environment at all.



Usage areas of ExOzone® in  poultry industry

Establishing of specified hygenic regulations and observing strict rules in poultry industry are crucial elements for farmers. It follows that the eligible disinfection technology and its right application are key priorities.

Today the mainly used formalin and formaldehyde are creating obvious risk for both the personnel safety but also for the performance of the hatchery, because their substances are classed as carcinogenic, mutagen and toxic. Beside of that viruses, bacterias and pests are resistant against the most prevalent disinfecting chemicals.

Furthermore the capacity of fogging technics applied in bigger premises – such as stalls - are terminated, many times they are not able to spray all areas of the room, so the disinfectant agent can not get into all the points and can not ensure the perfect decontamination efficiency.

By applying our nonchemical decontamination ExOzone® appliances you can get around these problems. Our machines are built in different sizes, so their usage areas are multiple.


Disinfection of table and hatching eggs

Replaced formalin and formaldehyde ExOzone® appliances deliver the same disinfectant efficiacy but without posing risk for the personnel and animals.

  • Ozone produced in situ – no storage of toxic material
  • Ozone naturally turns back to oxygen – no toxic residual
  • Our NIG technology bounds the harmful nanoparticles resulted by oxidation process
  • One time investment – no running cost beside electricit

Disinfection of rooms and tools

Our fully automated ExOzone® appliances are able to disinfect in industrial-scale, also in premises and stalls, where chemicals are not allowed to use or not efficient.

  • Our appliances have better efficiency and capacity as fogging systems (especially VHP)  
  • Ozone is able to sterilize every inch of the premise thanks to its gaseous phase
  • Short withdrawal time after the treatment, ozone transforms back into oxygen relatively fast (in 1 hour)
  • Any microorganisms (viruses, bacterias or insects) are unable to develop resistance against ozone

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Usage of ExOzone® in food industry

Food industry

The problems of satisfying facility disinfection or prepared food disinfection and shelf life lengthening are things of the past. With the use of ExOzone® these problems can be simply solved. 

Room disnfection is carried out in closed premises, that eliminates the occurring pathogens (Salmonella, E. coli, Brucella, Rotavirus, Aspergillus, etc.) in food industry. ExOzone® can be applied for sterilizing production halls, warehouses, cold storages, containers, tanks, trucks and also the objects’ surface (machinery, packing material, pallets, etc.) in these premises. With the use of ExOzone® the pathogens’ CFUs can be maintained on a desired level and the appearance of specific-pathogens in food or in the facilities.

Our method is tested by the National Center for Epidemiology in Hungary.


Usage of ExOzone® in agriculture

The usage of ExOzone® in agriculture has two dominant areas: room disinfection and grain sterilization.

Room dinsnfection is carried out in closed premises, that eliminates the occurring viruses, bacteria, fungi and also parasites. ExOzone® can be applied for sterilizing premises such as storage, hatcheries, barns and also the objects’ surface in these premises.

The other area of usage is the sterilization of grain. By applying ExOzone®, pests and fungi can be eliminated and the level of mycotoxins (toxic secondary metabolites of fungi) can be reduced below the health threshold. Furthermore, it can be used to eliminate toxins produced by different weeds such as Hyoscine (a.k.a. Scopolamine) and Atropine.


Grain sterilization

ExOzone® is capable of sterilizing even 1.500 tons of grain. It provides the necessary air output, pressure and ozone concentration for perfect disinfection and elimination of toxins. The successful sterilization’s essential component is the proper choosing of the treatment time, that we set by cooperating with the user. In this process we take into account the grain’s type, beside the type and the extent of the contamination (fungi, toxin, pests).

The ozone only affects the surface of the grain and does not penetrate inside the crop, therefor it has no harmful effect on the grain.

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