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The ExOzone® is not only an appliance
but a complete and efficient disinfecting solution. 
Developed and manufactured in the EU.

Tomorrow's Technology: ExOzone®

The ExOzone® is an industrial scale, new generation, sustainable air and surface disinfection technology. Over 10 years of research and development ensures the safe and easy usage of the applied solutions of ExOzone®. During the fully automated process high concentration ozone-air mixture is utilized for disinfecting purposes, that is a completely environmentally friendly way of eliminating microorganisms, toxic compounds and pests.

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Free Disinfecting Agent

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Unlike most ozone generators, ExOzone® only utilizes only the surrounding air to produce a large amount of ozone. In that way, the disinfecting agent is free of charge, and therefore it reduces the costs of the disinfection process.


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The technology used by the appliance is chemical-free and leaves no harmful residues and, therefore, it is environmentally friendly. Therefore, it can be used in areas where chemical disinfection is not an option.

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High Ozone and Air Output

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A highly important feature of ExOzone® is that it is capable of high ozone concentration production even with a high level of air output and that enables even industrial-scale use.

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Gaseous disinfection is the most effective method considering the fact that, in contrast with other substances, the gas-based agent could establish contact with the target of the treatment wherever that is on surfaces or in the air.

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Low Electricity Consumption

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The most significant cost-reducing factor of all is the energy usage of ExOzone®, which is very low compared to other ozone generators. The average consumption of our appliances is equal to three lightbulbs.

Hospital Working Day


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Since the ExOzone® utilize the efficiency of ozone and has every property of gaseous disinfection, the outcome will be a superb quality method that can be used in any kind of premise. By using it, all microorganisms, fungi, pests and toxins can be eliminated for good.

What are we fighting against?

The ExOzone® Disinfecting Systems

The ExOzone® Disinfecting Systems have a great variety of usage areas. Every disinfecting need could be fullfilled with the right equipment and the personalized disinfecting protocol. Go to Products in the Menu to finf out more information about specific disinfecting solutions.

With the power of ozone

The ExOzone® Disinfecting Systems utilize the outstanding oxidation power of ozone, that is one of the most potent disinfecting agent known today. Coming into contact with any kinds of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, mold or fungi), elements which smell, oxidizable minerals, compounds, insects or mycotoxins produced by fungi ozone simply destroys, decomposes them.

Oxidation potential of active substances


Hydrogen peroxide






BSI EN 17272:2020


Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics

Methods of airborne room disinfection by automated process

Determination of bactericidal, mycobactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal, virucidal and phagocidal activities

The test methods described are designed to determine the disinfectant activity of processes used in the 1) medical area, 2) veterinary area, 3) food, industrial, domestic and institutional area using automated processes for distributing chemicals by air diffusion with no operator manually applying the disinfectant.

The objective of the described processes is to disinfect the surfaces of the overall area including the external surfaces of the equipment contained in such rooms. 

This document is applicable to processes for which activity is claimed against the following groups of microorganisms: vegetative bacteria, mycobacteria, bacterial spores, yeasts, fungal spores, viruses, bacteriophages.

Standard and license

Measured by the National Public Health Centre and testing the effectiveness of airborne surface disinfection. Target: determination of bactericidal and fungicidal effects. 

According to the test results the National Public Health Centre has approved and licensed the ExOzone technology under the license number 3593-6/2021/JIF.

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What can be replaced with ExOzone®?


Easy and safe usage

Disinfecting agent

Even agent distribution

Chemical free

Disinfecting agent measuring

Appliance price

Operation cost


Commercial Ozone Generator


H2O2 Fogging 

CH2O Fogging 

Manual Spraying Method

1000 m3

100 m3

100 m3


200 m3

300 m3



UVC wave

hidrogen peroxide



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